How we function

Mystic sails every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. Members sign up for two confirmed sails each month and a calendar with each sail’s crew is published on a monthly basis.
In addition to their two calendared sails, members may sail additional days on a space available basis at no extra cost.
Three to five day cruises to Catalina Island, Santa Barbara Island, Santa Cruz Island, or down the coast are scheduled throughout the year.
Club business is conducted at meetings of the Board of Directors, composed of the CSC skippers and certified mates. A midsummer dock party and an annual holiday party comprise the major social events.

Membership Cost

One-time initiation fee is $100. Monthly dues are $70.
Initiation fee for couples is discounted to $100 for both, but each person pays $70 per month, unless one wants to sail only once per month, in which case dues are $105 total for the couple.
Members who opt to participate in ASA training pay the club’s cost of the ASA study materials and certification, currently $88 for both Basic Keelboat and Basic Coastal Cruising.
Crew members on cruises share the cost of provisioning and each contributes $20 per cruise for fuel and other consumables used on the cruise.

How to Join

If interested to join, email us or call Jeff Butterworh at 310-529-2195. He will answer your questions and send you a prospective new member kit.
Welcome to CSC!